Free special screening (90min) at the Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton Street)

Followed by Q&A with directors Jocelyn Forgues, Paul Davis, Shirin Divanbeigi, Christos Tsirbas and Izabel Barsive.

Copresented by Fric and Labo :





Director : Paul Davis
From : Yukon
Production year : 2007
Genre : documentary
Running time : 13min 43
It is pitch black in that morning A substitute teacher has to bike to the Emilie Tremblay School through the thick of winter that breaks metal and freezes lungs.

Director: Shirin Divanbeigi
From: Ontario
Production year: 2012
Running time: 6min 46
“My art comments on my past experience of injustice toward women that still continues today”[in Iran]

Le Cowboy et les sauvages:
Director: Ginette Pellerin
From: Acadie
Production year: 2013
Genre: Dramedy
Running time: 9min
A man walks about the streets in Moncton. People gossip as they see him pass by while a search is launched to find a lost child…

Déroulement (first part of the web serie "Vision polyphonique”):
Directors: Marie-Claude Dicaire/ Jean-François Dubé
From: Québec
Genre: road movie
Year of production: 2012
Running time: 4min43
A man drives to Sudbury. He struggles against road fatigue and his visions.
Eric Charlebois poems give a narrative beauty that transcends the past and future.

Director: Christos Tsirbas
From: Ontario
Genre: expérimental
Year of production: 2010
Running Time: 1min
“Diva documents the transformation of drag legend Michelle DuBarry, who is so charming that words are unnecessary” (Christos Tsirbas)
Shibuya Dream:
Director: Izabel Barsive
From: Ontario
Genre: expérimental
Year of production: 2014
Running Time: 1min 10
A minute of sheer visual delight and musical charm with a ballet of colored umbrellas, busy passers-by in the middle of traffic.

Le Toucher d’adieu:
Director: France Benoît
From: Nord West Territories
Genre: documentary
Year of production: 2012
Running Time: 7min 28
Peter died alone. Janice, an undertaker, takes care of him for his final resting place with empathy and tenderness.

Carte blanche films - Ontarian action for ending violence angainst women:
Director: Jocelyn Forgues
From: Ontario
Genre: Narrative/dramatic educational videos.
Year of production: 2013
Running Time: 22min
4 short narrative premiering exclusively at Cinéfranco in Traçons-les-limites program to raise awareness of violence against women and its prevention [with the AOCVF authorization].

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