"To celebrate and promote French language cinema in Ontario."

Cinéfranco is the most important International Francophone Film Festival in English Canada. Founded in 1997 by Marcelle Lean, it became an essential spring event for movie lovers and French film-enthusiasts. Cinéfranco promotes the diversity and richness of Francophone movies in order to increase their appreciation and give them more exposure in an English speaking environment. All films are screened in their original language with English subtitles.

 Cinéfranco goals:
•    To enjoy films rarely seen or not distributed in Toronto cinemas
•    To give a voice and an identity to the Francophone communities in Toronto, in Ontario and outside the borders of Quebec
•    To foster tolerance through the discovery and understanding of other cultures and civilizations
•    To enable students of the French language to listen to, practice and enjoy the language in a resonant cultural milieu
•    To enable the fragmented Francophone communities to mingle and interface
•    To enrich the filmic culture in Toronto and Ontario
•    To foster and develop a taste for French language cinema in order
•    To demand a stronger commercial presence and distribution of French language cinema
•    To further and promote friendship, cultural exchanges between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec
•    To enhance the international profile of Toronto in Canada and in the worldwide film community.

Cinéfranco produces two main annual film festivals: the Main Program and the Youth Program.

The Main Program:
The Festival’s Main Program is one of the most important International francophone film festival in English Canada. It is comprised of approximately up to 40 Francophone films and brings together thousands of fans. The films reflect the richness and diversity of filmmakers from Francophone countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.
The goal of this program is to showcase films rarely seen or not distributed in Toronto cinemas. Cinéfranco provides an essential platform to foster the appreciation of Francophone films, considering that fewer and fewer films are being released in theatres and are instead released right away on DVD. Therefore, Cinéfranco gives the opportunity for Francophone film lovers to experience the films on a big screen, and for filmmakers to meet their audience. Cinéfranco provides popular yet quality programming, from hilarious comedies to social dramas, through moving documentaries or captivating thrillers. The audience votes for their favorite film which is awarded “the Radio Canada Audience Award Prize” at the end of the festival.
With up to 10,000 participants, Cinéfranco has become a major Francophone institution in the audiovisual landscape of Toronto.

The Youth Program:
The Youth Program is exclusively dedicated to students and their teachers. It is comprised of ten films and gives students the opportunity to experience French outside of the classroom, in a playful yet educational framework. Cinéfranco always strives to ensure that the films shown reflect curriculum topics. Each of the film programmed comes with its classification file and its educational kit made accessible to the teachers by internet.
By offering the opportunity to future viewers to get acquainted with francophone cinema and French language as well as Francophone cultures, the Youth Program attracts each year between 5000 and 6,000 students.  

In order to reflect upon the richness of Francophone cultures, Cinéfranco organises several film-related activities throughout the year. For instance, many screenings in public libraries as well as co presentations with other cultural organisations are regularly organized. Moreover, Cinéfranco works in close collaboration with the local francophone institutions and is one of the organizers of La Semaine Francophone de Toronto.
Cinéfranco is also very active on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, to allow its fans to stay tuned with the latest of francophone cinema (give-away contests, premieres, special screenings etc…).




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