SHORT FILMS - PROGRAM 1, Saturday, March 29 - 11:30am

Free screening (PWYC)

This short films session will be followed by a Round Table with directors Patrick Aubert, Marc-Olivier Comeau, Pierre-Luc Lafontaine and Céline France !



Copresented by FRIC & Le Labo

Departure :

Director : Michelle Ku
Language : Silent
Origin : Canada
Running Time : 2 min

A little girl goes through a journey of accepting her grandmother's death and making peace with the universe.

Welkom :

Jorge loves his father. His father loves a chicken. Jorge doesn’t like the chicken, he wants it in a henhouse. Before building the henhouse, Jorge needs a license. But it’s hard to get something when your garden is in Flanders and you don’t speak dutch.

Director : Pablo Munoz Gomez
Language : French
Origin : Belgium
Running Time : 16 min

Purpl Love :

Purpl Love evoked as a simple fleeting union between lovers, Ambre and Romarik. An idyllic moment evolves through the intangible and spiritual conversation of two lovers as they work their way to the shores of tantric orgasm.

Director : Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Language : French
Origin : Canada
Running Time : 13 min 38

2121 Saint Mathieu :

Two men on the roof of a building: one wants to commit suicide, the other one wants to succeed the photo of the year...

Director : Céline France
Language : French
Origin : Canada
Running Time : 2 min 38

Rhyme in two times :

Following the death of her father, Jeanne, after years away, returns to the family home to sort through belongings. She meets someone who will forever change her way of seeing life.

Director : Céline France
Language : French
Origin : Canada
Running Time : 9 min

Jour de carrière :

Director : Marc-Olivier Comeau
Language : French
Origin : Canada
Running Time : 9 min

A Present for Robert :

Robert receives a very special present for his birthday.

Director : Patrick Aubert
Language : French
Origin : Canada
Running Time : 2 min 37

Northern Lights :

Louise, 23, is fast asleep in her apartment when her father arrives to get her out of bed. He's heard on the radio that the aurora borealis is active and he wants her to share the experience. But, out in the woods at 4 am, there aren't many other admirers of this celestial phenomenon.

Director : Keren Ben Rafael
Language : French
Origin : France
Running Time : 12 min





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