Dear friends of Cinéfranco,

Cinéfranco welcomes you with open arms at its 17th festival starting on March 28, 2014.
Cinéfranco is part of this film festival galaxy that is dedicated to bringing you treasures at once prized and loved by various audiences in France, Morocco, Belgium, Quebec and many other countries.

These films are not only mirrors of great talents they are also thought-provoking on matters that affect our society and our everyday lives. You can find side by side films featuring mega stars like Catherine Deneuve in “On My Way” or Thierry Lhermitte in “Quai d’Orsay” with powerful small films like “Asphalt Playground” or “Hold Back” that, discreetly, are leaving their marks on French cinema.

Independent Franco-Canadian cinema with its very creative short films and its captivating long features are present throughout the program with directors from Ontario, Quebec and North West Territories in attendance.

We are inviting you to experience fabulous journeys through the Francophone world of cinema marked by enthralling Q&A. sessions.

We want these journeys to be as exhilarating as our passion for cinema and our will to accompany you for your greatest pleasure!


Bon cinema!!!

Marcelle Lean – Founder/Artistic & Executive Director

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